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A Learning Experience
I had a learning, though jolting experience many years ago during my postal career. A fellow worker set me up beautifully, knowing I was a professing Christian. Before several other employees, he asked me from a distance, if I knew where a certain nightclub was. He probably knew it was close to my house and that I knew both the name and  address of the establishment. Sensing my opportunity to testify of my faith, I answered: "Sir, I no longer frequent such places." He quickly responded: "I didn't ask you if you go there, dummy." "I asked you if you knew where it was." Needless to say, they all had a good laugh at my expense. What did I learn? (1) It's best to answer any question when you can, without dodging the issue. (2) I need to be myself and not try to appear overly spiritual. (3) I also have a natural talent to make people laugh. 
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