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An Unforgettable Dream

An Unforgettable Dream

     by Joe S. Martinez


Last night I had a dream,

Oh how my peace was shaken

So deeply would it move my soul

My heart it would awaken


In the dream I suddenly found myself

At the judgment Seat of Christ

As I heard Him call my name I thought

"I know I'll be alright"


But all at once I saw before me

A panoramic screen

My life in Christ would now be shown

Just what my Lord had seen


I saw the things I thought one day

Weren't really bad at all

Had caused someone to go astray

Had made my brother fall


I saw the day a poor old beggar

I met along the way

I saw his feeble hands extend

I quickly turned away


And then I saw a dear friend

From Hell I heard him cry

I never told him about God's love

How Christ for him had died


I was shown the day a sick man

Had called so I could pray

I just never had the time, and then

I heard he passed away


The day I got an invitation

I promised I would keep

I told my brother "Sorry"

But now I saw him weep


In the dream I wept before Him

"Dear Master hear my prayer

Please show me now the good things

You know that I did care"


Then all at once I woke up

It was a dream, a dream that's all

Thank you Master for this lesson

Help me now so I won't fall

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