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Answering The Call
One of the nicest electronic conveniences available today is Caller ID. With it, we now know in advance who is calling, which allows us to choose if we want to answer or not. I must confess that this new telephonic miracle has saved me a lot of money since we started using it. You see, like many of you, I was a soft touch for just about any organization that would call seeking a donation.  Before this invention, we never knew who was calling, and often we would fail to answer some calls that were important. Apart from those that come by way of the telephone lines, we sometimes get calls of another sort. I am thinking specifically of the call for help. I wonder how many times people's hearts have cried out to us for help, especially regarding salvation, and we have not answered. God has a better system than Caller ID to alert those who maintain a close walk with Him. That system is under the control of the Holy Spirit. Let's make a sincere effort to maintain a close walk with God, so we can answer these important calls when they come in.
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