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Blending In
Chameleons are one of God's marvels of creation. They have the built-in ability to change into the color of any object on which they land. In other words, they adapt or blend in to their surroundings. Many Christians are like chameleons too. Wherever they go, they easily blend in with the crowd. Others seldom notice that they are any different from the rest. Jesus, on the contrary, said that His followers should be as noticeable as lights on a hill. (Matthew 5:14) If you have been a spiritual chameleon this past year, you may have missed an opportunity to make a difference in someone's life. There are people all around you that are going through a difficult time and are hoping that someone can lead them to the answer. If you know Jesus, you have the answer to their problem within you. Let me challenge you to stand out this year instead of blending in. Let others know who you are with your lips, and especially with your daily conduct.
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