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Facing Death
The apostle Paul addressed the issue of life and death in his letter to the Philippians, saying he was hard pressed  to choose between two of his wishes as a Christian. On the one hand, he wanted to remain alive so that he could continue in his gospel-spreading mission, but on the other, he knew it would be far better to leave this world and be with Christ. (See Philippians 1:21-23) How many people do we know who are actually looking forward to dying? Isn't it a fact that most people live in fear of it? A minister once said that death is like a scarecrow. Foolish birds stay away from it, seeing it is a man that wants to harm them, but the smart ones know there is some mighty good eating there. He concluded, "Faith is a bird that loves to perch on scarecrows." Death is as harmless to Christians as scarecrows to the birds, so why fear it?
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