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Foolish Complaining

A valley of tears, it has been said
Is what we call this life
For it's so easy to focus our eyes
On the misery and strife

A subtle voice will tell your heart
"Why should you suffer so?"
"Didn't you say you're a child of God?"
"Is this how things should go?"

"Did not Christ say he'd be with you;
That He would hold your hand?"
But now you've seen some hours of grief
Which you don't understand

So now you find yourself complaining
That you have been forsaken
And because your Lord is kind and true
Your words have been well taken

But now I ask you please to wait
Take note of what you're saying
You're quick to voice your hard complaint
When instead you should be praying

For how can you accuse the One
Who suffered more than you?
How can you now doubt and scold
The One who died for you?

You've foolishly complained to God
That you have been forsaken
I hate to tell you, but in fact
You really are mistaken

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