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Forgiving Self - October 28, 2013
On the day I gave my life to Christ, my sins were all forgiven                                                      
And yet I failed to understand the gift I had been given                                                                      
I knew I'd be with Him someday and the thought of it was thrilling                                               
But to forgive the wicked things I'd done, my heart was not so willing
I can't remember how it happened now, but it's obvious I was cheated, 
And for what seemed to be a thousand years, I felt empty and defeated
An evil voice convinced me, that my soul was black and rotten                                                    
That the hateful wrongs I had committed, would never be forgotten
So I began to see myself in that same disgusting fashion                                                                
And I began to hate the person my mind had now imagined
"I can't forgive myself", I said. With Christ I don't belong                                                              
But then at once a loving voice, convinced me I was wrong
I had let an evil voice deceive me, That's where my grief was stemming                                           
I now have learned the voice of God will never be condemning                                                    
The Lord's forgiveness now is mine, I'll say this now with glee                                                      
No one can ever change that truth, especially not me
PS: I hope the poem came out clearly in your PC or smart phone. Perhaps you know someone who struggles with this issue. If you do, share it with them. Hopefully it will help them.  - Pastor Joe
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