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I Loved You When

I Loved You When

     by Joe S. Martinez


I loved you on the day I first saw you

You took my breath away

I loved you when we walked the aisle together

That crisp November day


I loved you when your body took a new form

A new joy we would find

I loved you on the day small fingers

Were holding yours and mine


I loved you when you chose to stay at home

To keep the family strong

I loved you when you wept that first night

When from home one child had gone


I loved you on the lonely days

God called my parents home

Your loving touch was needed then

That day had come too soon


I loved you on the day we noticed

The house again was quiet

It seems like only yesterday

It was our dream to buy it


Alone together you and I

The years have come and gone

And though our frames are weaker now

The love we share is strong


The day we dread is closing in

When we must say goodbye

But since we both will be with Jesus

Our love will never die

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