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Judge Not
I realize that Jesus' words, Judge not, that ye be not judged  (Mt 7:1) is one verse that has been abused and misused throughout the ages. It is also a favorite among folks who don't even go to church. It should be easy to see how this verse can be twisted to justify one's wrong deeds. Still, one thing that no one can deny is that it is just as much the Word of God as John 3:16 or any other Bible verse, for that matter. One instance where these words easily apply is in the matter of one-sided stories. It is very unwise to make a judgment against someone when we've only heard one side. It doesn't matter if the one who told us the story is the person we love and trust the most in this life. If we can't even judge correctly when we have heard and seen a matter, imagine how ludicrous it must be to judge someone strictly on the basis of hearsay. It is one of Satan's favorite tricks. I pray you won't fall for it too.
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