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Lessons Learned In Adversity
I don't suppose many people are like me, but for as long as I have been in the ministry, it has been my custom to look around and reflect on the things I see and hear all around me in the course of any day. I am often amazed at the many spiritual truths one can see being played out right under our noses, especially in times of adversity. Such was the case recently when my wife had a tire blow-out on the median of a local freeway. It happened on a Saturday morning, so we can assume that the traffic flow was quite heavy. If you have ever stood in the center of a heavy-traffic highway, you can better understand that it can cause some high-level anxiety. Well, anyway, I thank God she had her cell phone with her. The first and last person she was able to call was I, because the battery went out as soon as she called me. I advised her to get out and away from the car until I could arrive at the scene. In the spot she was in there was just enough space for her to be free from the inside lane. When I arrived, we were able to drive to a more secure vantage point while we called her roadside assistance service. It did not get there till 2 hours later. This was my first spiritual truth reminder: I thought to myself: "It sure isn't that way with God." From the moment my wife called out to Him, He responded and took care of her. To me, it was more than a coincidence that her phone had enough battery power for her one call. I was reminded of God's promise in Isaiah 58:9, Then shalt thou call, and the Lord shall answer, thou shalt cry, and He shall say, Here I am. Of course, we were happy for the human help we received. Even so, man's willingness and good intentions are limited, and are no match for God's power and  faithfulness. As we waited for roadside assistance, we kept looking for a big white service truck, the kind that has the bright orange traffic cones and the highway barricades, to appear. If not, we thought it would at least be a tow-truck of some sort. We were wrong! We looked at each other with a puzzled look and almost laughed out loud when we saw a very young, slightly built young man pull up behind my wife's car in a small Ford Ranger. Wouldn't you know it? This turned out to be the help we were looking for. In a matter of minutes he had the problem fixed and the car ready to go and out of danger. This was our second reminder of a great divine truth. God sent the help all right, but it sure wasn't from the source we expected. Why are we like that? Did it make a difference that the big service truck or the muscular road mechanic we expected never arrived? Even if this does not convince you that God has a sense of humor, the Bible tells us that God has chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise, and the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty. (I Cor 1:27) The Bible also says that God does not delight in the strength of the horse, and takes no pleasure in the legs of a man. (Psalms 147:10) In summary, it is not good or wise to place more confidence in man than in God. To do that is to rob God of his glory. Man's help is limited and temporary. God's help is eternal and without limit. We were very grateful to the young man that fixed my wife's car. Nevertheless, it was God who sent him. In this case, he was God's servant, sent to our aid, and speaking as one who dares to call himself as such, I never forget that there is no greater honor.
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