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Looking For Something
A worldly song that was popular maybe fifteen or twenty years ago but not with me, had this line: "Everybody's looking for something."  To be sure, it was not a Christian tune. Yet, the statement had a lot of truth to it. We've all heard of folks who are looking for a fast buck, a mate, another chance, a goldmine, or a little peace and quiet. And of course there are more than just a few who are just looking for trouble. Those who are looking for something are in the church as well. Some are there to see how folks will be dressed. Some are there to look for a mate, others to look for business contacts. There may even be a few who are just looking for a chance to leave. I remember I asked a fellow minister once how the previous Sunday morning service had gone and he told me that people were knocking the doors down. I asked: "You mean there were some outside who were trying to get in?" He replied: "No there were some inside who were trying to get out!" I sure hope he was kidding. Anyway, the point I want to make is this: Everybody that goes to church is looking for something. Obviously, some are looking for good things and others are not. When you come to church, what are you looking for? I pray that you are one of those special few that are looking for new and better ways to serve those around you. That is the best way to serve God.
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