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Make It Clear

We often say things that are unclear to others. For example: A man tells his friend, "I just bought me a great watch." His friend asks: "What kind?" He answers: "Guess." The other fellow says:"Okay, I'll say Bulova." (note: Guess is a brand of watches) An elderly man who is donating blood is asked: "Do you know what type of blood you have?" He replies: "O." The attendant adds: "Positive?" He snaps: "Of course, I'm positive." "I may be old, but I'm not senile." Lastly, here's one only Mexican Americans may relate to: "Nacho, when do you start your new Job?" He replies: "Monday." His friend asks again: "When do you start your new Job?" You get the picture, right? (Note: In our culture when we ask "mande?" it means "I beg your pardon?") These slip-ups happen often in meaningless conversation, but they shouldn't when we share God's Word with others. When we share the gospel, we should be as clear as possible.

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