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Pastor Ruben's Blog
Sunday, March 29 2020

Pastors Corner

Forgetfulness affects all of us. There are plenty of reasons why people forget things.Busy daily schedules, stress, and being tired, can also cause people to forget certain things. I find

ber the importance of what that thing is, because if I don’t, I may forget. In reality sometimes “we do” want to forget certain things, or should forget certain things. Especially things such as past mistakes that are causing us a heavy weight of guilt, or even offences that have been directed at us, such as personal attacks on us, disrespectfulness, and insults.

But one thing we should never forget, but remind ourselves of, is how much the Lord loves each one of us.  

King David, in his prayers would ask God to remind him daily how much God loved him. 

As children of God, don’t we all want to be reminded each day, of how much God loves us? I hope this becomes part of your daily prayer as well. 

Psalms 143:8 GNT  "Remind me each morning of your constant love, for I put my trust in you. My prayers go up to you; show me the way I should go".

If you have forgotten ask the Lord in prayer, to remind you each day, how much He loves you, and He will. 

Never doubt or forget, how much He loves us.

Pastor Ruben

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