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Monday, February 24 2014
On Purpose
Monday,  2/24/14
       About ten years or so ago, Pastor Rick Warren wrote a book entitled "The Purpose Driven Life". It has been one of the top selling books of all time, and although it has been very highly regarded, I have never read it myself. This is certainly not an indictment of the book because how can I express my opinion of it if I have never read it? There are many good books around that I have never read either. I will say this, though: Although some folks I know encouraged me to read it, I never felt a desire to do so. Perhaps, it was because of the implication of the title. You see, I was already convinced, as I am now, that everyone of us is here for a purpose. In fact, my perception of the purpose or calling God has for my life may have something to do with it also. Besides the Bible, I spend a lot of  my reading time researching biblical dictionaries, encyclopedias, and commentaries, as well as historical writings. I also like to read devotional writings and illustrations from many of my favorite pastors and teachers. I repeat: I do it because I’m convinced that’s my purpose in life.
       We have a Fisher Lovebird who lives in a cage in our kitchen. We call him Little Bubby. He, along with his mate came into our lives six years ago. We saw the pair for several days in a tree by our front yard. We knew they were not native to our South Texas environment, so we finally put out a small bird cage with an open door and birdseed inside. Within a few minutes they flew into the cage. We brought them in, asked the neighbors if they belonged to them and checked the classifieds every day to see if they were reported. No one did. The female died two years ago but Little Bubby keeps going strong. His life is simple. He does all the things little parrots do. As soon as we turn out the kitchen light each night, he immediately climbs up to the top perch where he sleeps. When we turn the lights the following morning, he immediately comes back down to the main perch and he stretches his legs and wings. Throughout the day, his chattering, singing, and carryings on brighten our day. Two things should be obvious. First, God brought him into our lives to cheer us up a bit. I forgot to say earlier that he came a few days after our beloved Chihuahua, Tiger, died. The second thing is: even he has a purpose.
       If a little bird has a purpose, can you see that our purpose is of a higher level still? Look around; everything around you, and you especially are not here by coincidence. You are here for a reason and a purpose. I pray you’ll make the best of your situation and consider what you can do in it to touch the lives of those around you, and honor God in the process.
Memory verse for the week: Not that I have already obtained all this, or have already been made perfect, but I press on to take hold of that for which Christ Jesus took hold of me. (Philippians3:12 NIV)
Correction: I wrote yesterday that my sermon, "Don't Stop, Don't Quit" would be posted on our church website. It is not. Hopefully, we can include it soon. Sorry.
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