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Wednesday, May 03 2017
       The old expression “when the rubber meets the road” generally speaks about the time when we have to put into action or practice what we have been claiming beforehand. It is also a time to show what we’re really made of. This old saying came to my mind last week when the topic of the Lord’s “anointing” was highlighted in our men’s bible class at church. The word “anointed” is a big favorite of many preachers and churches today. It is just as popular and widely used by preachers as the word “awesome” is to today’s general population. To many folks, anything that is good or that they like is “awesome.” It is the same in the Christian world. Any preacher or ministry that is well liked or received, of course, has to be “anointed.” Here, however, is where “the rubber meets the road”: The day will come when the “anointed” will find out if they really are. 
       In my early days in the ministry, we had a church member whom I was convinced was “anointed.” She attended every service, was the first one to arrive, gave the loudest and the most frequent “amens” and praises to God, and was the most expressive in her worship. I often wished I were as spiritual as she. Well, as fate would have it, one day she needed to go to the hospital for a fairly routine operation. As I have done for many years, I went to pray with her before the surgery and was shocked at what I saw. The person I thought was “anointed” and super spiritual was an emotional mess. Her operation was fairly simple yet she carried on like her life was in the balance. I tried hard to comfort, encourage her, and summon up her faith but had very little success. Even though she went in very distraught, the Lord was with her anyway and the operation was a breeze. Though that experience perplexed me at first, I learned a valuable lesson that day. The Lord reminded me of His words in Matthew 7:20“Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.” Just because some high profile preachers have convinced many that they are “anointed” does not mean they actually are. When I asked someone once why they thought a certain preacher was “anointed”, he replied “because he said he was.” A millionaire doesn’t have to go around telling everyone that he is rich. With time, it will become obvious to those around him.
       In my early days in the ministry, I was doing what many people do today. I was measuring Christians by their “gifts” not their fruits. I have since learned that the only ones that can rightfully be considered “anointed” are those who are like Christ. These are they who, besides being faithful, are humble and treat everybody with love, kindness, and respect. These are they who really make a positive impact in the lives of others. In fact, if you tell these folks they are “anointed” they may have a hard time believing it themselves or else it will matter very little to them. Thank God there are still many “anointed” people everywhere. You may be one of them.
God’s word for today: (2 Corinthians 1:21“Now it is God who makes both us and you stand firm in Christ. He anointed us.”
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