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Friday, August 24 2018


       Have you ever heard the expressions, “IF is a very big word” or “IF changes everything”? Many will go on to try to explain the phrase by adding something corny like: “IF frogs had wings, they wouldn’t bump their behind on the ground so much.” The general idea is that a little word can make a big difference, even change everything. Reading Psalms 4 earlier today, David added a little word to the last verse (8) that, at least in my estimation, clarified the verse dramatically. The word I am referring to is the word “both.” It reads: “I will both lay me down in peace, and sleep: for thou, Lord, only makest me dwell in safety.” (KJV) Many of the newer bible translations leave out the word “both.”

       Here’s why I think that word (both) is important: To me, David was simply saying “Not only will I sleep good, I will sleep in peace.” As I read that verse earlier today, I immediately remembered an old close friend whom I tried several times to win for Christ. He would constantly say something like: “Don’t worry about me, I sleep well at night.” To be honest, back then I couldn’t figure out how a person without Jesus in his heart could sleep well at night. That question was answered not too long after when I started on a new work schedule. Because of it, for twenty years after that, my daily routine featured long hours at work and an average of four hours of sleep daily. I know that it is important, but it is hard for me not to think sometimes that perhaps sleep may be overrated because I was able to function for twenty years despite the lack of it.

       Oh, here’s what I learned: being able to sleep soundly at night doesn’t mean all that much. There are many who are able to fall asleep as soon as their head hits the pillow. Sleeping soundly and sleeping in peace can be two different things. Many who sleep well, will get up irritable, groggy, and sometimes even scared in the morning because they had a terrifying dream. This very seldom happens to God’s true children. Regardless of the hours of sleep they receive, they are at peace during the day because they slept in peace during the night. The word “both” in today’s verse made a big difference, but Christ in our hearts makes a bigger difference still. Trust Him with all your heart and you may even see the difference in the quality of your sleep.

Gods word for today: (Psalm 149:5) “Let his faithful people rejoice in this honor and sing for joy on their beds.”

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