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Wednesday, March 25 2020

I’m not much of a gardener but there was one routine I had the few times I planted seeds of different things in the ground. Every day after that, I would go out to see if there was any evidence whatsoever that something was actually rising from the ground. Then, whenever I would see a tiny leaf appear I would get excited just to think that I actually grew something. It would remind me of this verse: Therefore be patient, brethren, until the coming of the Lord. See how the farmer waits for the precious fruit of the earth, waiting patiently for it until it receives the early and latter rain. (James 5:7) Here’s what I was actually doing: Like the farmer in the verse, I was hopeful that I would soon see a good sign. Lately, that has been my desire and I suppose it is the same with many of you.        

       Every day when we see, hear, or read the news, everything just seems to be doom and gloom. This current Coronoavirus pandemic, in my opinion, has caused more harm to people’s emotional and mental well being than to their health. Like many of you, when I watch TV, I find myself avoiding the news channels and searching for whatever can capture my attention. To make things worse, I can’t even expect to see too many things in the sports channels either. I wake up each new day just hoping to hear some good news for a change. I am looking for the so-called light at the end of the tunnel, something to clearly indicate that the worst has passed. As you can see, that day has not yet come, but it will.

       I think this is a good time to remind ourselves where our focus should be. Lately, we have been focusing too much on the problem and not on the problem solver. You’ve heard about how some folks see a glass of water and say it is half empty and others see it as half full. Here is an example: Today, most people are talking about the many who have died from Coronavirus but very few mention that over 98 percent of those who get it in the U.S. recover from it. I know that was is happening is tragic, and I’m not trying to minimize the seriousness of this ordeal. However, let’s not focus on the negative and forget that there is also a positive side. God’s true children, are not led by what they see, hear, or even think but by their faith. Let’s not forget to exercise using our eyes of faith.

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