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Testimony of Rey Marroquin

The words, "If I had only listened to Mama" kept going through my mind over and over again. You see, I was going to my mama's house and I had to tell her that come tomorrow I was going to court and that all odds were against me, that more than likely I would be going to prison for a DWI felony. Mama had told me, God knows how many times, to stop drinking and driving but I never listened. Well, I got to Mama's house and she too had some news for me. She told me that come tomorrow she was going to the doctor and that she feared she had cancer. Suddenly, my news seemed like good news compared to what she had to tell me. I went to court and got sentenced to three years in prison, and the words "If I had only listened to Mama" once more ran through my mind over and over. Sometime later, my wife Margaret came to visit me and told me that my Mama's worst fear was true. She got diagnosed with cancer the same day I was sentenced to prison. I got sent to prison from Bexar County 43 days later. Since the only shoes I had in my property bag were my Stacy Adams, I chose not to take them. I headed out to prison barefooted as they handcuffed me to another inmate, and as I looked down at my bare feet, I thought, "If I had only listened to Mama." In prison, every time something went wrong or didn't go my way, these words kept coming to me again and again: "If I had only listened to Mama." I asked God not to let my mama die while I was in prison. I asked Him in the name of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, and you know what? Even though I had been so stubborn and had not listened to my mama, my God forgave me and listened to my prayers. On July 26, 1996, the Sheriff of Wilson County went and got me out of prison, and I came home to see my mama. The Lord took my kind and loving mama on August 16, 1996, but I got to see her and talk to her before she died. And you know what? She forgave me! I was the last one she talked to before she died but she told me that she was worried about me. I told her, "Don't worry about me, mama. The Lord came to my prison cell and set me free. I am no longer a prisoner to alcohol. I love Jesus very much, and you know what mama? Jesus loves me" Then I asked my mama, "Do you love Jesus?" She answered "Of course I love Him. How am I not going to love Him?" I'm so glad my mama professed her love for the Lord because the following day, my Lord took my kind and loving mama. I know that my mama is in Heaven with Jesus. And I know that she will never come back to me but I know that one day I will go to where she is and we will spend eternity together because for this purpose, God sent His beloved Son, Jesus Christ, to provide salvation, deliverance, healing and prosperity here on earth, and to give us access to Heaven when He calls us home. Thank you Lord, Bro. Rey

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