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Strange Name, Good Man
A relatively unknown New Testament character by the odd name, Onesiphorus, played a much more important part in the ministry of the Apostle Paul than most people may realize. You may ask: "What did he do?" Well, he visited Paul in prison. (2 Timothy 1:16-18) Now, that may not seem like a great thing to you, but consider this: The apostle, after experiencing beatings, the rejection of his people, and the abandonment of ministry assistants, now was alone, cold, hungry and forgotten in prison. If you've ever experienced times of loneliness, you know what the mere sight of a dear friend or loved one can do. The apostle was so grateful and greatly encouraged by this act of true kindness, that he chose to recognize and honor Onesiphorus by name in his letter to Timothy.  In the same way, many members fail to realize just how important our mere presence in church really is. Just as our mere presence alone can encourage, our absence can do the opposite.
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