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Tuesday, December 22 2015
Tuesday, December 22, 2015        
       Its that time again folks! The biblical account of Christ’s birth is so well known and often repeated, it would not surprise me if all of you got perfect scores. Tell me how you did anyway.
1. Where were the Wise Men that came looking for Jesus from?
    a/ North       b/ East       c/ South         d/ West
2. How was the Christ Child wrapped?
    a/ newspapers      b/ pajamas     c/ swaddling clothes    d/ burlap
3. The Wise Men rejoiced when they saw the _______
    a/ stable       b/ shepherds       c/ Palace of Herod       d/ star
4. Jesus was born in the little town of __________
     a/ Bethlehem      b/ Bethany        c/ Berea           d/ Bethel
5. That little town was also known as the city of _________
     a/ Joseph       b/ David       c/ Saul        d/ Angels
6. Joseph and Mary came up from Galilee because of a tax decree made by
    a/ Julius Caesar      b/ Nero     c/ Caesar Augustus      d/ Mark Anthony
7. The Wise Men came to Jerusalem asking, “Where is He that is born King of the _____ ?”
   a/ World        b/ Universe      c/ country       d/ Jews
8. The gifts the Wise Men presented were gold, frankincense, and _______
   a/ silver      b/ alabaster      c/ myrrh       a/ rubies
9. After Jesus’ birth, the angel of the Lord told Joseph in a dream to flee into ______ with Mary and the babe. 
    a/ Jerusalem      b/ Egypt      c/ Damascus     d/ Jericho
10. Before presenting their gifts, the Wise Men _______ the Christ Child
    a/ worshipped        b/ carried         c/ fed        d/ bathed    
Memory verse for the week: (Jude 1:21“Keep yourselves in God's love as you wait for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ to bring you to eternal life.”
ANSWERS: 1 B / 2 C  / 3 D / 4 A / 5 B / 6 C / 7 D / 8 C / 9 B/ 10 A
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